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Happy New Year everyone!  I am so excited to ring in 2011 with a fresh new start! Each year, I create a list of  resolutions and work my tail off all year long trying to achieve them.  Kick off this bright new year with a few of my favorite interior design resolutions, beginning with tackling one of the beast of all beasts, clutter.

Do you know the dangers of clutter?

Clutter triggers stress – a messy environment makes you feel like there’s an overwhelming amount of work to be done.  Stress can be very harmful to your body and actually cause illness so why not get rid of clutter now for healthier happier you.

Clutter decreases your energy – Have you ever noticed when you are in a clean organized space you are much more energetic? Your home is a sanctuary and mess is obviously not something you are proud of, so clutter brings you down into a melancholy state.

Clutter can make you less productive – If there’s a messy stack of papers and supplies scattered on your desk, chances are you would spend a longer time looking for the one paper you need than the few minutes it would take to have placed that paper in an organized file.  The same idea applies to closets, cupboards, and bookcases.

Do these all sound a bit too familiar? If so, it’s time to declutter!! Here are a few of my favorite tips on organizing your home for the New Year:

Tip 1.  Three Boxes, One Big Pile

Start by clearing a space in the middle of the room. Place all of the cluttered items in a big pile in the center of the room.  Label each of the boxes – Keep, Maybe, Give Away. The ‘Keep’ box is for all of the things you absolutely love and use regularly.  Place all the items you are torn between into the ‘Maybe’ box. The ‘Give Away’ box are the memorable pieces that don’t quite fit your décor and feel like someone else can appreciate them who are less fortunate.  Stick to the rule; if you haven’t used it in the last 6 months get rid of it.  After you have sorted all of the clutter, go back to the ‘Maybe’ box and determine if it will go in the keep or give away box.  If you’re still having trouble getting rid of sentimental things that you know in your gut you should let go, take a picture of it so you will have the memory forever.

Tip 2. Make Decluttering Fun!

I know, cleaning and going through things that have accumulated dust for years is not the most enjoyable activity. So try setting aside an hour to declutter with friends or family while playing your favorite tunes and dance while you’re sorting everything. After you’re all finished organizing, take a moment to enjoy your hard work and the new beauty you have created. (and yes, you can keep dancing) Reward yourself with a tasty treat and feel good about giving and starting 2011 in a clutter free environment.

Tip 3.  Create a System so Clutter Doesn’t Creep Back Up on You.

Now that your home has been declutterfied, it’s time to create strategic systems to stop clutter from coming back. Start by figuring out why you had a cluttered mess in the first place and brainstorm ideas on how to solve this. For example, if you had a stack of mail that always seems to pile up on your kitchen table, create a designated mail drop off table or area next to your main entry door.  Place a small recycling basket for junk mail next to the table and purchase a tabletop or wall hanging mail organizer for all of your bills and important mail. Set aside one day a week to rummage through your mail. Only this time it will be easier and much faster to go through since you already have pre-sorted the mail as you walked in the door.

Cheers to 2011!

Day Design Decor

Pin-point your decorating style with our interior design theme guide.

Traditional Style

This timeless style can be defined as classic, elegant, and formal. Typically, furnishings are in 18th Century English, 19th Century Neo-Classical, and British Colonial Revival designs. Color palette is in the mid-tones with rich solid floral, plaid and stripe fabrics. Shop at Ethan Allen and William Sonoma Home for traditional furniture.


Transitional is basically a combination of Traditional and Contemporary designs.  Mix and match formal traditional pieces and modern sophisticated lines to pull off this look.  Pottery Barn , Crate & Barrel and Day Design & Decor are popular sources for Transitional furnishings.

Contemporary Style

Clean crisp and linear furniture with little frills or decoration define Contemporary style. Sleek geometric shapes with neutral to bright color palette with the latest modern trends or classic pieces.  The best shops to find contemporary furnishings is  Day Design & Decor, Bo Concept or West Elm.

Mid-Century Modern

Modern classics designed in post war 1950′s & 1960′s era heavily influence this design genre. From warm Danish wooden furniture to modern leather and chrome tubing chairs. You can achieve this look by shopping at Design With in Reach and Antique Stores.

Hollywood Regency

Hollywood Regency is essentially all that glitters, making each rooms red carpet ready. Think of what classic movie stars of the 50′s would buy for their home and shop at 1st Dibs, Day Design & Decor, or Estate sales.

Spanish Mediterranean

This decor embodies all the warmth and romance of Spainish culture. Ornately carved and rustic woods, rich velvet textures, and warm spicy colors achieve the look and feel of the Mediterranean. Achieve this style by shopping at Accents of Salado.


Anything goes in an Eclectic room. Mix colors, textures, patterns, shapes and design styles to make your own artistic statement.  Take your pick of unique accents from ZGallerie, Plantation Design, or Day Design & Decor.

Shabby Chic

Vintage antique furniture that appears to be painted several times is the charm of Shabby Chic.  Fabrics are inspired by old french linens, usually tea stained or bleached out cottons with muted pastel accents.  The best place to shop for fancy distressed painted furniture and accents is at Anthropologie or local antique stores.


A cool misty breeze coming off the ocean is what I feel when entering a Coastal designed home. Relaxing, warm, light and airy with soft linen fabrics mixed with woven sea grass accents. Get this look from stores like Pottery Barn and West Elm.

Rustic Lodge

This decor is fit for the Great Outdoors. Furniture made of unfinished wood, neutral color palette, hand forged iron hardware, leather and cowhide fabrics, and rural accents form a Rustic Lodge interior.  Shop at Cabela’s for furnishings suitable for a cabin in the woods.


Sunny and cozy sensation of an Italian Country side villa is the allure of Tuscany design. Soft fabrics drenched in sunshine colors with dark distressed wood, ornate iron accents, and ancient stone finishes bring this look together. Obtain this style from stores like Drexel Heritage.

Zen / Asian

Peace and tranquility of a Zen home is accomplished through warm rich colors and minimalistic and Asian inspired furniture. This is a perfect design to incorporate elements of Feng Shui, especially when advised from my favorite expert The Feng Shui Guy.