It’s official! You have moved in with eachother, embarking on relationship bliss. But wait, how are you going to decorate your home with two obviously contrasting styles and mismatched furniture?  Typically, men and women have polar opposite home decorating ideas so blending styles can be a bit complicated.  Here are a few tips on how to integrate your ideas with your partners and still have a well designed home.

Tip #1  -  Selecting Furniture

Men tend to be drawn towards furnishings built to stand the test of time, while maintaining maximum comfort.  They go for functionality over design, where as women prefer the look and style of a particular piece.  So when you and your mate are shopping for your room, opt for well designed furniture that is stable and reliable.  Find good looking and sturdy pieces at  Pottery Barn, Room and Board, Ethan Allen or Bo Concept.

Tip #2  –  Colorizing.

Picking out paint colors can be grueling when couples don’t see eye to eye.  The majority of men gravitate towards a more muted neutral color palette such as tans and browns.  Women seem to be attracted to colors that are bright, pastel, or the latest trend in magazines. The best way to meet in the middle when it comes to selecting hues is to mix and match colors. Popular combinations are chocolate brown & berry red, yellow & grey, taupe & spa blue.

Compromising is key when it comes to designing a home together. Talk to your partner about your top five needs and why they are important to you and listen to theirs.  More than likely there will be a design solution that will fit both of your desires.

Tune in this Friday and we’ll show you designs that unite masculine and feminine styles.

With decorating love,

Day Design & Decor

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