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Color has a psychological effect on your mood depending on the shade and intensity of the hue.  If you want to achieve a certain mood and overall feeling for your room, let color theory by your guide.

Massucco Warner Red Living Room

Red symbolizes fire, associated with passion and importance. This color stimulates conversation in a room, which is perfect for a living room or dining room. If you want to spark a little more romance, place red accessories in the bedroom. Just don’t go too overboard with this color in your bedroom because it will be hard to relax and sleep.

Blue is peaceful and calming which is perfect for a bedroom or spa like bathroom. Studies show that the color blue actually lowers blood pressure and slows down heart rate.

To energize and uplift your mood, add a punch of yellow to your room.  Bright yellow symbolizes happiness, joy, energy, and optimism.  You can feel the vibrancy in this living room right through the screen! However, don’t make yellow the dominant color because too much of this hue can have the opposite effect of laziness and caution.

Turner Davis Interiors

Turner Davis Interiors

Cheerful orange will surely add excitement and joy to any room.  It’s happy nature evokes a child-like exuberance, which makes it an ideal color choice for playrooms, family rooms, kitchens, and creative spaces.

Design 4 Interiors - Collins Bath

Design 4 Interiors - Collins Bath

Green is the color of life, nature, and harmony. This hue tends to have healing and soothing qualities, great for bathrooms and bedrooms. I designed this bathroom with nature in mind.  The customized blend of bright green, turquoise, white, and grass green mosaic tiles give a lively yet calm mood in the space. Green symbolizes wealth and prosperity so you can’t go wrong adding a bit of greenery around your home, especially in an office.

Traditional Home

Purple is the color for luxury, wealth, and sophistication. Muted lighter tones bring forth a soft soothing mood perfect for a master bedroom retreat. Love, love, love, this lavender bedroom featured in Traditional Home Magazine…it is so luxurious and serene. Brighter shades of purple spark creativity which is optimal for kids rooms, craft rooms, and offices.

black living roomYes, black is a color too. It represents power, sophistication, and elegance. Black is best used in studies, libraries, offices, living rooms, master bedrooms, and dining rooms.

Chic White BedroomWhile some might think white is the absence of color, it also can be a reflection all colors. This color is symbolic of purity, innocence, and tranquility.  Adding white to a bedroom, living room, or kitchen creates a feeling of cleanliness and soft elegance.

Now that we went through all of the colors and their meanings, what hue are you?

Have a bright colorful day!

~Stephanie Day

Day Design & Decor

Design Fear

You have been dreaming about redesigning your home for ages, but one four letter word always seems to get in the way…FEAR.  It’s the most common reason why people steer clear of starting new seemingly unfamiliar projects, only to make up excuses like, “Where do I start”… “I can’t afford a makeover” …  “What’s in it for me” … “It’s going to take forever.” Here are a few tips on how to overcome fears and turn your dream design into reality.

1)   Keep Your Eyes on The Prize –                                                                                                     If you continue to focus on all the things that stand in your way of making your dream room become reality, chances are it will remain in your dreams.  Visualize your desired result and imagine how you will feel in your finished room. When you focus on the outcome, overcoming roadblocks become easier and even more enjoyable.

2)   Design & Conquer –                                                                                                                   Ever heard the ‘ol saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day?” This is because it wasn’t and your home makeover most likely won’t either. Break your project down into stages, and conquer each stage in a reasonable amount of time. It might not get done in a day, but surely less than you had thought.

3)   Embrace Mistakes –                                                                                                                       Let’s face it, no one is perfect. So many of us get discouraged when we make mistakes and use it as an excuse to abort mission on projects. Own up to your faux pas and learn from them. This will make your next design venture easier in the future and enable you to offer expert advise for friends and family when they endure similar situations.

4)   Create an Incentive –                                                                                                            Another famous excuse for avoiding a home makeover is finding the value of importance.  By creating a list of all the benefits of redesigning your space, you will find a clear incentive that will drive you to the finishing line.

5)   Bring in an Expert–                                                                                                                        If you are afraid of having an undesirable outcome, hire a professional to give you an expert opinion.  Designers have years of experience under their belt and can help you achieve your design goals with great results, giving the confidence you need to push forward.  You can also get design assistance with Day Design & Decor’s services.

When taking the inititative to realize our own fears and making conscious efforts in overcoming them, your goals become more attainable.  “Walk in the direction that you look” is the motto I learned from my Grandma.  It has helped me keep focused on my goals and achieve most of them.  Now, push fear aside and take a step towards creating your dream room.

What is holding you back from redesigning your home? What would you do to your space if fear didn’t stop you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Your fearless designer,

Day Design & Decor

Day Design & Decor

You know the ol’ saying, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure? It’s true!  With people becoming more aware about environmental impacts of daily used items, designers are discovering creative ways to transform everyday trash like soda pop tabs into cool accents for your home.

Rags turned into riches…literally! This chair by Tejo Remy from Droog is not too shabby and quite comfortable.

This is a table made from plastic coffee spoons which are thrown in the garbage daily by thousands because they are only used once. Maurcio Affonso

Here’s a light fixture that would look ace in a trendy restaurant or modern kitchen.  I wonder how many soda cans it took to make this chandelier?

This former shopping cart has a new name Annie for it’s new purpose as a retro style chair. Reestore has a wonderful collection of reclaimed goods turned into furniture that you would hardly believe were ever thrown away.

Kevin Day WeldingThese marvelous bar stools made entirely out of recycled car parts were created by artist, Kevin Day, who just so happens to be my brother too.  Check out his website Day Welding to view more metal artwork and other sculptural pieces.

Finally, if you have large pieces of trash and are not creative enough to transform it into an art piece, you can hire an eco-friendly junk removal service like Group Junk and make sure it is recycled and not trashed.

What can you salvage and turn into furniture or art?


Being an artist, I naturally follow the stereotype of having poor organizational skills. That is precisely why there are professional organizers in the world like Coriann from to make sure your home is operating like a fine tuned machine. There are many reasons why you should consider hiring a professional organizer at least once in your lifetime. An expert can set up a working system to help you get on the right path to keeping your place neat and tidy. Professional organizers see it all and aren’t judgmental about their clients level of organization so don’t be embarrassed about your mess. I asked Coriann her thoughts on what everyone should know about organizing.

Tip #1 – Baby Steps

If you think you have to tackle all your clutter at one time it will feel overwhelming and chances are you won’t do it. Start with one pile, one corner, one closet, etc. Each step will bring you closer to your goal of being organized.

Tip #2 – Purge Your Clothes 2x a Year

To help you figure out what you wear and what you don’t, turn all your hangers the opposite way (hook facing out.) When you wear something hang it back up correctly (hook facing in.) In a few months anything hanging on hangers that are facing out you know you aren’t using and could donate.

Tip#3 – Organizing Won’t Break the Bank

Don’t feel like you have to spend a lot on money on organizing products to get organized. Organize your desk drawers with plastic food containers, they come in all sizes perfect for paper clips to note pads. Organize bathroom drawers with clean tin cans, perfect for cotton balls, Q-tips, and hair bands.

Tip #4 – You Don’t Have to Be Perfect To be Organized

Life is crazy and hectic and sometimes you just don’t have time to put your shoes away that very second. Let yourself off the hook, there is too much pressure to be perfectly organized 100% of the time. The key is knowing exactly where to put those shoes away when you do have a second, and knowing exactly where to look when you need them again.

Visit Coriann’s website and check out her marvelous transformations of before and after photos as well as more helpful tips on keeping your home in an more orderly fashion:

Here’s to an organized home and year!
Day Design & Decor

With 2011 right around the corner,  it’s time to whip out a pen and paper and start writing down your resolutions for a great new year.  I’ll be sharing my top 5 interior design resolutions this week so stay tuned for helpful tips in turning your 2011 goals into reality.  In the mean time, enjoy this coupon for 20% off any Day Design & Decor service good now until the end of January, 2011.

Happy designing,

Day Design & Decor

With Christmas and New Years only few days away, it’s time to set the table. Here are a few holiday themes that are versatile enough to use throughout the year. 

Nature Inspired Holiday Theme.

This theme comes from Hgtv’s holiday picks. I was drawn to how warm and inviting this table design looks.

1) Bird Salad Plates are classic enough to be enjoyed throughout the year.

2) Arrange this Pomegranate Wreath around a pillar candle or tall vase to achieve this inspired look

3) This adorable bird house salt and pepper shaker set is sure to spice up any table.

White Winter Wonderland Theme

1) Clear crystal napkin rings and white napkins are perfect for holiday or other special occasions (plus they are on sale)

2) Mirrored place mats give an icy winter look

3) White Taper candles and crystal candle holders add elegance to any table.

Glitters and Gold Theme

1) Lighted branches add an opulent glow in a centerpiece.

2) Golden napkin rings sparkle and shine in a table setting.

3) These gorgeous Cellini Gold wine glasses are something to toast to.

Happy Holidays!

- Day Design Decor