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Being an artist, I naturally follow the stereotype of having poor organizational skills. That is precisely why there are professional organizers in the world like Coriann from to make sure your home is operating like a fine tuned machine. There are many reasons why you should consider hiring a professional organizer at least once in your lifetime. An expert can set up a working system to help you get on the right path to keeping your place neat and tidy. Professional organizers see it all and aren’t judgmental about their clients level of organization so don’t be embarrassed about your mess. I asked Coriann her thoughts on what everyone should know about organizing.

Tip #1 – Baby Steps

If you think you have to tackle all your clutter at one time it will feel overwhelming and chances are you won’t do it. Start with one pile, one corner, one closet, etc. Each step will bring you closer to your goal of being organized.

Tip #2 – Purge Your Clothes 2x a Year

To help you figure out what you wear and what you don’t, turn all your hangers the opposite way (hook facing out.) When you wear something hang it back up correctly (hook facing in.) In a few months anything hanging on hangers that are facing out you know you aren’t using and could donate.

Tip#3 – Organizing Won’t Break the Bank

Don’t feel like you have to spend a lot on money on organizing products to get organized. Organize your desk drawers with plastic food containers, they come in all sizes perfect for paper clips to note pads. Organize bathroom drawers with clean tin cans, perfect for cotton balls, Q-tips, and hair bands.

Tip #4 – You Don’t Have to Be Perfect To be Organized

Life is crazy and hectic and sometimes you just don’t have time to put your shoes away that very second. Let yourself off the hook, there is too much pressure to be perfectly organized 100% of the time. The key is knowing exactly where to put those shoes away when you do have a second, and knowing exactly where to look when you need them again.

Visit Coriann’s website and check out her marvelous transformations of before and after photos as well as more helpful tips on keeping your home in an more orderly fashion:

Here’s to an organized home and year!
Day Design & Decor

Happy New Year everyone!  I am so excited to ring in 2011 with a fresh new start! Each year, I create a list of  resolutions and work my tail off all year long trying to achieve them.  Kick off this bright new year with a few of my favorite interior design resolutions, beginning with tackling one of the beast of all beasts, clutter.

Do you know the dangers of clutter?

Clutter triggers stress – a messy environment makes you feel like there’s an overwhelming amount of work to be done.  Stress can be very harmful to your body and actually cause illness so why not get rid of clutter now for healthier happier you.

Clutter decreases your energy – Have you ever noticed when you are in a clean organized space you are much more energetic? Your home is a sanctuary and mess is obviously not something you are proud of, so clutter brings you down into a melancholy state.

Clutter can make you less productive – If there’s a messy stack of papers and supplies scattered on your desk, chances are you would spend a longer time looking for the one paper you need than the few minutes it would take to have placed that paper in an organized file.  The same idea applies to closets, cupboards, and bookcases.

Do these all sound a bit too familiar? If so, it’s time to declutter!! Here are a few of my favorite tips on organizing your home for the New Year:

Tip 1.  Three Boxes, One Big Pile

Start by clearing a space in the middle of the room. Place all of the cluttered items in a big pile in the center of the room.  Label each of the boxes – Keep, Maybe, Give Away. The ‘Keep’ box is for all of the things you absolutely love and use regularly.  Place all the items you are torn between into the ‘Maybe’ box. The ‘Give Away’ box are the memorable pieces that don’t quite fit your décor and feel like someone else can appreciate them who are less fortunate.  Stick to the rule; if you haven’t used it in the last 6 months get rid of it.  After you have sorted all of the clutter, go back to the ‘Maybe’ box and determine if it will go in the keep or give away box.  If you’re still having trouble getting rid of sentimental things that you know in your gut you should let go, take a picture of it so you will have the memory forever.

Tip 2. Make Decluttering Fun!

I know, cleaning and going through things that have accumulated dust for years is not the most enjoyable activity. So try setting aside an hour to declutter with friends or family while playing your favorite tunes and dance while you’re sorting everything. After you’re all finished organizing, take a moment to enjoy your hard work and the new beauty you have created. (and yes, you can keep dancing) Reward yourself with a tasty treat and feel good about giving and starting 2011 in a clutter free environment.

Tip 3.  Create a System so Clutter Doesn’t Creep Back Up on You.

Now that your home has been declutterfied, it’s time to create strategic systems to stop clutter from coming back. Start by figuring out why you had a cluttered mess in the first place and brainstorm ideas on how to solve this. For example, if you had a stack of mail that always seems to pile up on your kitchen table, create a designated mail drop off table or area next to your main entry door.  Place a small recycling basket for junk mail next to the table and purchase a tabletop or wall hanging mail organizer for all of your bills and important mail. Set aside one day a week to rummage through your mail. Only this time it will be easier and much faster to go through since you already have pre-sorted the mail as you walked in the door.

Cheers to 2011!

Day Design Decor